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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dr. Levy licensed to practice Medicine in New York State?

Yes! Here is a photo of his license.

What exactly does Dr. Levy do?

Dr. Levy specializes in Integrative and Holistic (Alternative) Medicine.

You can read more about his practice here.

Can I come into Buffalo from a different State/Country (typically Canada)?

Yes! Dr. Levy can help all patients.

What is Alternative Medicine?


How much does it cost to see Dr. Levy? -- Does Dr. Levy take insurance?

Dr. Levy does not take insurance, however, a receipt is provided at the time of the visit. You can then try to see if your insurance company will pay for the visit.

We recommend that the initial visit is one (1) hour at a price of $200/hour. Visits after that are recommended at increments of four (4) months for a half-hour each. Thirty (30) minutes is charged at $100. If chosen, fifteen (15) minutes is $50 and forty-five (45) minutes is $150. Each hour is rated at $100/hour and Dr. Levy would be more than happy to have a visit longer than one (1) hour if needed.

What is Dr. Levy's history in the Medical Field?

You can check out Dr. Levy's history here.

Where can I find ratings on Dr. Levy?

We like these three websites because of their ease of use, however, you can always check out others if you'd like!


Note: 1-3 are clickable links right to Dr. Levy's profile for added convenience

What is Dr. Levy's Privacy Policy?

You can view the Privacy Policy here.

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